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How to Get beautiful and fair Face skin!

Getting beautiful is the dream of everyone !

Well, this is both easy and difficult. It’s difficult because if you’re not having the right things, the right information, you can just make all the things worse but you don’t want to have all this!

Well, Getting Beautiful Facial Skin is as easy as getting anything from the market. There is just one condition in all this and it is you should be having all the right information about skin types and its proper caring.

There are two things that people care about their about i.e. Smooth Skin and having fair glow! Well, by getting knowledge from here will just make you do in improving both of the skin.

We have to know that there are many types of Skin like Normal, dry, Oily and dry, Oily and the last is very dry skin.

We can get to know about our skin type just by doing some steps as follows :

  • First of all you have to clean wash your face with soap.
  • After cleaning, Damp clean your face with towel.
  • Wait for sometime for like 5-10 minutes.
  • After sometime, go front of the mirror and just scratch a little on your face.
  • If your skin gets shattered into dry or dead skin cells (White color), then you have the Very Dry Skin
  • If your face just gets white then you have Dry.
  • If your face gets somewhat shiny and complexion becomes dark then you have Oily Skin, You can also take a Face Wipes or Soft Napkin and clean your face and if oil gets into the wipes/Napkin then you have Oily Skin

After knowing about the Skin type, now you have to check your Skin Complexion. It can be checked by observing the skin-tone under and around the neck. Its the most fairer skin-tone you can get easily. Yes, This is the best and most honest skin-tone/Skin Complexion you can. Getting Positive!

Now we will move into the main Section which is the implementation of all the things to make the skin good looking! The First thing to be noted down is washing our face which is like the main ingredient of all the recipe. You should wash your face for just 2 times. But don’t think that more you wash, more good thing because this isn’t the reality. Washing face 2 times a day is just very much enough! Now after washing, we should damp clean our face with the towel. Don’t make the towel hard clean your face because it will damage your skin.

Now is the time to use the Moisturizer to give the essential moisture and nutrients to the skin. Just use the moisturizer good enough ! but not too much because this will make your skin oily and heavy! You should be feeling the face like you are breathing from your face.

you can also make the Skin Lightening Oil to make your Skin-tone lighter easily and early. You can both make the skin lightening oil at home or you can buy from the market.

Skin lightening oil have all the essentials oils to make the skin fairer!

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